Special equipment

20ft Open Side Container

A 20ft open side container has the same dimensions as a 20ft standard container. It can be fully opened. Easy loading/unloading especially for XL-cargo, which can’t be loaded in a standard container.
special-equipment1 special-equipment3special-equipment2

20/40ft Double Door Container

A 20/40 ft double door has doors at both ends of the container and can be loaded/unloaded at both sides. Extremely suitable to store all kinds of goods. They have the same dimensions as a standard 20/40ft container.

special-equipment4 special-equipment5

Offshore containers

Containers for offshore purposes offer various extra’s and specifications, so they can be transported and used safely, for example on a platform. Ralton Trading & Forwarding can supply all kinds of containers, in offshore-quality, both dry and reefer containers.