40ft Pallet Wide High Cube Container


40ft Pallet Wide Container are suitable for transport of Euro-pallets. As these containers are wider than the standard 40ft containers, they can transport 2-6 extra pallets. Our used or new standard cargo containers have been built according to DIN ISO 1496, meaning:

  • The containers are fully inspected before delivery and have a valid CSC-date, guaranteeing international standard quality and safety;
  • Containers can be delivered world-wide.


40ft Pallet Wide High Cube Container

Outer size

Length: 12192 mm
Width: 2462 mm
Height: 2896 mm

Inner size

Length: 12100 mm
Width: 2422 mm
Height: 2695 mm

Door opening

Width: 2416 mm
Height: 2585 mm


Tare weight:: 4630 kg
Loading capacity: 29370 kg
Gross weight: 34000 kg
Content: 79 m³