40ft High Cube Container


40ft High Cube containers are approximately 30cm higher than the standard 40ft container, allowing you to load pallets higher. Our used or new standard cargo containers have been built according to DIN ISO 1496, meaning:

  • The containers are fully inspected before delivery and have a valid CSC-date, guaranteeing international standard quality and safety;
  • Containers can be delivered world-wide.


40ft High Cube Container

Outer size

Length: 12192 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2896 mm

Inner size

Length: 12032 mm
Width: 2348 mm
Height: 2699 mm

Door opening

Width: 2335 mm
Height: 2585 mm


Tare weight: 4000 kg
Loading capacity: 26480 kg
Gross weight: 30480 kg
Content: 76,3 m³